How Putting A Human Touch On Your Marketing Can Help Build Your Small Business.

Here is new tip number F3TQQJGTEFK2 to give you ideas on how putting a human touch on your marketing can help grow your small business.

Published on February 21, 2012 by DoubleD

Here is new tip number F3TQQJGTEFK2 to give you ideas on how putting a human touch on your marketing can help grow your small business.  It wasn’t that long ago that all you had to do was worry about selling your products and services.  Just put out the message, your products were the best, you sold the “sizzle” and not the steak, it was fun, sleek, new, but mainly it was impersonal.  You just sold to the masses, as the nameless customer bought, you didn’t care.  Not any longer, as times have changed dramatically and so have your customers.

Things were simple then, a little advertising here, maybe a radio spot there, a flyer or mailing to round things out and presto, your customers showed up.  Now, it is still important to deliver product news, enticing sales and discounts, “you have to see this” demonstrations as part of your messaging mix.  However, the reactions of those receiving the messages have changed because of the social media.  Expectations have changed and shifted for corporate communications with the rise of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Today, customers and prospects move quickly and effortlessly between your company’s social presence and photo’s of their best friend’s recent vacation, so impersonal corporate messaging that reads and sounds like a robot or recorded “robo-call” written by lawyer can and will cause an immediate disconnect with your potential or current customers.

As a result of these massive changes in consumer behavior and buying habits, savvy marketers will be shifting more focus in 2012 to delivering helpful, educational content with the verve and personality that is needed to break through to the customer.  “Why yes, we have sizzling steaks, but here is our staff’s favorite wine that goes with that steak, our chef’s video tips for grilling it, and customer recommendations for the most mouth-watering sides to enjoy with it!”

See the difference from yesterday’s marketing to the successful marketing that is needed today to reach your more sophisticated customer?  For marketers to get ahead, it is time to get serious about changing the way you reach out to your customers.

Simply, you have to get “human” and add value to your customer’s life.  Here are some ideas:

Spend less time talking at your customers and prospects and more time paying attention to their behaviors and listening to them via the social networks, community forums and surveys.  Then, talk to them the way you would to another human being, employing a voice that is distinctive, engaging, and yours, yours alone.  Make your company an extension of you and your core values.  Make your company more human.

Include messages in your emails designed simply to inform, entertain, surprise and provide value rather than sell.  Don’t just sell your stuff, talk to your customer.  For example, a package goods company might offer favorite recipes from the staff, a technology company might author a how-to white paper that doesn’t hype its own products, and a cruise operator can recommend travel packing and on-shore dining tips.

Introduce your audience to your team through words and pictures including stories about how your employees have interacted with your products or in your product area.  Putting it simply, people like to do business with people, cold impersonal corporations.  Putting the human touch on your marketing can help build your small business.

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