How Designing For Multiple Devices In Your Mobile Marketing Can Help Build Your Small Business.

Here is new tip number F3TQQJGTEFK2 to give you ideas on how designing for multiple devices in your mobile marketing can help grow your small business.

Published on February 29, 2012 by DoubleD

Here is new tip number F3TQQJGTEFK2 to give you ideas on how designing for multiple devices in your mobile marketing can help grow your small business.  It was recently reported that Smartphone sales have surpassed PC sales and the gap is growing.  The popular tablet sales are predicted to almost double from 64 million in 2011 to 104 million in 2012.  Now iTunes is running a contest to guess when this year the number of mobile app downloads reaches 25 billion.  Yes, that is with a “b” as in 25 billion.

This has caused your online presence to be seen in multiple formats and sizes.  Now your customers can find you in your emails, landing pages, blogs, videos, and more on platforms of various sizes, shapes, and functionality.  Most often now using mobile devices view and prioritize email that have been read and saving later for laptop or desktop computers.

The good news is that mobile devices have become more HTML-capable, so there are fewer restrictions on design.  However, that increase in capability means that many Smartphone users are faced with the difficult task of accurately viewing images on a small screen that often provides less-than-rewarding visual experience.  Add to that, now your customers have to use fingertips as a mouse on touch devices, can lead to even more frustration if emails, landing pages, etc., are not designed with this functionality in mind.

Now in 2012 as popular tablets and Smartphones become even more widespread and the technology becomes more advanced, user patience with emails and websites that don’t display in a user-friendly, intuitive fashion is likely to dramatically decrease.  This could result in deleted emails, deserted website pages and abandoned sign-up forms and online shopping carts for companies that fail to take the necessary steps to ensure customer and prospect online satisfaction.

Here are some ideas on how to design for multiple devices in your mobile marketing:

Take steps to ensure your content is readable on a full range of devices, such as using alt tags and larger fonts, making sure emails are typically less than 600 pixels wide.  Also include key messaging in the top-left corner and consider using style sheets that will adjust sizes of images and text to be optimized for screen size.

Design for the fingertip mouse, avoiding putting hyperlinks too close to each other and instead incorporating clickable content blocks that are least a fingertip’s width apart.

When testing how messages will look on mobile devices, don’t forget to also consider landing pages, corporate social networks, forms, and other Web pages those recipients may be clicking through, to reach your emails.

It’s a mobile world and to keep up with your customers, and more importantly, have your customers stay connected with you, your mobile marketing needs your attention.

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