How Re-engagement And Remarketing Can Help Build Your Small Business.

Here is new tip number F3TQQJGTEFK2 to give you ideas on how re-engagement and re-marketing can help grow your small business.

Published on March 7, 2012 by DoubleD

Here is new tip number F3TQQJGTEFK2 to give you ideas on how re-engagement and re-marketing can help grow your small business.  You may already know this, but it bears repeating.  Today’s customers and prospects are busier than ever.  This fact is complicated by the some 5,000-plus advertising and marketing messages they are likely receiving on a daily basis.  As you can expect, it’s no wonder then, that many are tuning out marketing messages and offers because of irrelevant content, confusing call to action or external distractions.

With audience attention fragmented and patience thin, many marketers indicate list churn as their biggest challenge.  List churn is the constant turn over in lists caused by people moving, not responding, or otherwise ignoring your efforts to reach them.  Now with the average rate of annual churn hovering around twenty percent to thirty percent for most companies, this is a real concern.  Another concern for companies is in the average marketing database, 30 percent to 50 percent of contacts have gone inactive.  Moreover, even if marketers do engage their contacts, there are major challenges to be faced.  Approximately 70 percent of conversion processes are abandoned before reaching the end, that is a huge number of website shopping carts and Web form conversion processes abandoned before reaching the end.

Given the high cost of winning new customers as compared to maintaining current customers, it is clearly wise to make every effort to retain as many customers as you can.  Complicating the issue is the understanding that all inactive customers are not created equal, and some long-dormant contacts may not be good candidates for re-engagement.  In addition, considering the high ROI on abandonment email there will be an increase emphasis on cart, form, and website browse abandonment campaigns in 2012 with top marketers adhering to emerging best practices to maximize the impact.

Here are some tactics you can try:

Engage your contacts before they become inactive by automatically placing new leads or subscribers into a multistep welcome campaign that introduces them to the benefits of your email program.  This can include highlighting your website, social media pages and SMS offering if applicable.  Invite them to tell you more about themselves and provide links to helpful resources you offer.

Instead of waiting until it is too late to discover inactivity, initiate an early warning system that uses reporting and scoring to indentify inactive contacts within the first four to eight weeks of engaging them.  Move these contacts into their own email and nurture programs designed to bring them back into the fold by inviting them to update preferences or fill out a survey so you can serve them better.  Offer them a purchase incentive, create emails promoting highly recommended items that fit with their previous purchases, downloads, or Web browsing history.  Invite them to engage via social media channels or switch their communication preferences to print, SMS, or other channels.

Analyze your database to determine which apparent inactives could come out of hibernation.  Go back at least two years and consider online and offline behaviors such as email opens, clicks, purchases/conversions, profile changes, Web browsing history, print catalog requests, and event attendance.  Then classify your inactives into good candidates for re-engagement and place them into their own messaging and campaign track.

Remember to view these inactive customers as, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.  Give them a reason to come back to you and have patience.  After all they are receiving over 5,000 advertising and marketing messages on a daily basis, you are but one marketer out of many talking to the same customer.  Treat them as they are special and they are more likely to hear you.

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